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AWS Book Finder

A simple OCR web app powered by AWS Serverless tech.

Preview image of my Book Finder app

UTM Generator

A tool for creating multiple URL tracking codes.

Preview image of my UTM Generator app
About About

Hi, I'm Marlon. I'm a web developer and writer. I earned my Bachelor's of English from the University of New Mexico in 2015. In 2017, I began learning full-stack web development online. Shortly after, I enrolled in a local bootcamp, CNM Ingenuity's Deep Dive Coding, where I learned more about web dev and earned a certificate after creating a full-stack app with my peers.

I recently began working with AWS Serverless, which allowed me to build my biggest app yet: Book Finder. Currently, I'm learning React and bash. In the future, I'd like to learn Python or GO for use in IOT projects.

In my free time, I enjoy maker projects. I have welded MIG/TIG, milled and turned metal, operated various CNC cutters, and worked with a variety of other shop tools, both for wood and metal. I've worked on many projects, including a landscape bridge, trellises, and metal supports for kitchen counters. All of this has been possible thanks to FUSE Makerspace. In the future, I'd like to put my dev experience to use by including IOT in my maker projects. I've also been learning CAD and modelling for CNC router or 3D printer projects.

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